Easy-to-pack foods for your kiddos lunch

While it’d be great to pack your kids a three-course lunch to savor on the playground, finding that kind of time can be challenging. Between PTA, sports practice, music lessons and traffic, schedules can get pretty crazy. Thankfully, there are plenty of delicious, and quick food options that provide growing kiddos with the nutrition they need to excel.

Bring back the mini bagel
New twists to the time-tested sandwich is a great option.  Try whole grain bread, pita pockets, or a mini bagel loaded with fresh-ground nut butter from the bulk department.  If peanuts have gotten boring, try grinding up almonds, cashews, or walnuts.  Many grocery stores also offer naturally cured meats, from roast beef to turkey.

Go Greek!
Individual servings of string cheese and Greek yogurt not only taste great, but they’re nutritionally dense with protein, vitamins, minerals and fat. They’re easy-to-pack and the extra dose of Calcium will keep your kids’ bones strong. Pair cheese or yogurt with some fresh fruit and your kids will get some added fiber.

PCC paves the way
Finally, the more often kids are exposed to new fruits and vegetables, the more they’ll start asking for an extra serving of greens.  At PCC grocery stores, children under age 12 can enjoy a free fruit or vegetable while you shop.  Just let the produce staff know and they’ll wash and slice the item of your child’s choice.  It’s a fun way to introduce new flavors and seasonal produce to your little ones.  Chances are it won’t take long before your kids are asking for their favorite fruit or veggie at lunchtime.  Snag a bag of pre-washed, pre-cut veggies to reduce time in the kitchen and send your kids on their way with vital nutrients.

It’s a brand new schools year – what better time to simplify your life and send the kids with healthier choices they’ll like.




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