Add antioxidants and detox naturally

While all the local produce at the Farmers’ Market looks delicious, the magenta and golden tones of beets are especially irresistible. In season now, beets are a nutrient-rich food that naturally detoxify our body, and add rich color and flavor to any dish. Read more to learn about all the health benefits of Beets.
Beets come in white, golden and red varieties, and are easy to prepare raw or cooked. You can rinse, chop and sautee your way to beet heaven, or shred them on your favorite salad. Eat them plain or add a dash of balsamic vinaigrette with goat cheese, and don’t forget about the greens on top. The greens are similar to the taste of chard and are delicious sautéed in olive oil, with fresh lemon squeezed on top and a dash of sea salt (yum!). In addition to color and flavor, here’s a few more brilliant reasons to bring beets into your diet.

1) Lower your cholesterol and benefit from beet’s Anti-Aging & Anti-cancer properties: High in phytonutrients, beets help provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxification support. The concentration of phytonutrients in the peel and flesh of beets is superior to most vegetables and you’ll reap the health benefits. The pigments from beets have been shown to decrease tumor cell growth and help protect against coronary artery disease and strokes. They’ll also lower cholesterol levels in the body and have anti-aging effects!

2.) Eye Health: High in Lutein and Zeaxathin, two powerful carotenoids, beets help with general age-related eye problems involving the macula and the retina.

3.) Prenatal and Pregnancy Health: Raw beets are an excellent source of folates, a water soluble vitamin B, that helps produce new cells. Folates are especially important for those of you who are pregnant or planning to be!

4.) Antioxidants: High in vitamin-C, beets are rich in powerful antioxidants that help the body scavenge free radicals, one of the reasons for cancer development and inflammation.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer and remember to find inspiration in your local farmers markets!


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