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Passionate Nutrition Institute is an online nutrition education program that offers over 14 hours of virtual, video-based lectures taught by Jennifer Adler, a nationally recognized nutritionist, professor, and leader of the Food As Medicine™ Movement. These courses are designed to educate and empower you to heal your body from the inside out by using Food As Medicine™.

Passionate Nutrition Institute is a must for anyone who eats. It’s that simple. Food makes up our body and can transform how we look and feel. The practical and progressive information you receive through Passionate Nutrition Institute will help you feel better and look better.

Enrolling in Passionate Nutrition Institute is easy!

Why Passionate Nutrition Institute?

  • EASY: We believe every person can heal themselves using Food as Medicine™. Choose from Beginner, Intermediate and Expert level courses.
  • AFFORDABLE: No registration fees and low per-class rates
  • CONVENIENT: Complete video courses on your own schedule.
  • REVOLUTIONARY: Use the Food As Medicine™ Movement to change your life.


The Food As Medicine™ Movement begins with Passionate Nutrition Institute. We believe that every person can heal using Food as Medicine™. Jennifer has detailed her revolutionary approach to abundant and health-focused eating throughout Passionate Nutrition Institute’s continually updated video course offerings. Learn first-hand how Jennifer used Food As Medicine™ by embracing the healing properties of food, and more importantly, find out how you, too, can use Food As Medicine™ to transform how you look and feel.


The financial benefits of enrollment are clear. Professor Adler charges over $300 per hour to see clients one-on-one and her graduate students at Bastyr University have paid an average of $1,100 per class. Through Passionate Nutrition Institute, Jennifer has filmed her most popular classes and made them available for a fraction of the cost.

Begin the journey to better health for you and your family and enroll in the Passionate Nutrition Institute now.  And remember, completing all levels gives you an exclusive invitation to join our Elite Support Group, moderated by Jennifer Adler herself!

Enroll today and begin your own journey to Passionate Nutrition.


This is the foundation for a healthy life for you and your family. We all lead busy lives and are barely keeping our head above water. After seeing thousands of clients I understand that we’re all doing our best and often need support implementing changes. In fact, a “lifestyle change” usually only lasts for a few weeks because it’s simply not practical. You’re setting yourself up for failure when attempting a radical change! The goal of Level 1 is to hear you say, “I can do that!” Level 1 will help you quickly bring sanity back to eating by providing you with a new approach to nutrition so you can make a successful lifestyle change. We’re with you 100% and this is where it all begins

Level 1 Classes

We recommend completing all of Level 1 before moving on to higher levels, simply because the lessons in Level 1 are foundational to the approaches explained in Levels 2 and 3.

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It would be lovely to have so much time that we can prepare fresh gourmet meals every night but this isn’t always reality.

January 8, 2015What’s For Dinner

If you dread the “What’s for dinner?” question, this is the class for you.

January 8, 2015Digestion 101

Digestion 101 is a foundational course for anyone interested in truly using Food As Medicine® and healing themselves from the inside out.

January 8, 2015Eat To Beat Fatigue

Feeling sluggish? Too tired to get off the couch? Reaching for sugar or coffee in the afternoon to keep going?


In Level 2, we’ll dig deeper into some of the key principles of the Food As Medicine™ Movement and go beyond the basics into specific concerns that affect your life. After completing this series of classes, you’ll be empowered to make real, sustainable changes in your health.

Level Two Classes

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Do you feel like an addict that has replaced your drug of choice with sugar?

Decode the mystery behind food allergies and sensitivities and determine what is really upsetting your system.

Do you catch every cold going around? Do you never get sick? (Hint, this is a bad sign!)

Chronic inflammation in the body can leave you feeling fatigued, achy and out of balance.

January 8, 2015Love Your Liver Detox

We hear a lot of hype about detox, but what we don’t hear about is how well our body...

Do you feel fatigued after exercise? Want to maximize your performance and get the most from your efforts?


Now that you’ve got the foundations of the Food As Medicine™ Movement, it’s time to dig deeply into specific body systems so you can achieve optimal health.

Level 3 Classes

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Did you notice weight gain in your mid section around menopause or after working at a stressful job?

January 8, 2015Feeling Hormonal?

Learn how to nourish your hormones and begin to feel like yourself again.

January 8, 2015Eat for Happiness

Did you know that what we eat or don’t eat has a direct and profound impact on how we...

January 8, 2015Outsmarting Diabetes

Learn how to control your blood sugar through diet and lifestyle changes that are enjoyable and tasty.

January 8, 2015Eating For Heart Health

Tired of the controversy: Butter, Lard, Margarine or Fat-free? To carb or not to carb? You’re not alone!


Level 4 Classes

February 17, 2015Medicine for the People

Health doesn’t come from plastic bottles. Vitality grows naturally from the earth.

February 17, 2015Kitchen Remedies

This video is a collection of my favorite kitchen remedies.

February 17, 2015Nutrient Dense Cooking

This class focuses on how to create nutrient dense meals for those that really need a nutritious bang for...

Have a jar of store-bought salsa in the fridge but you are about to go out of town?

February 17, 2015Wild Foods 101

By now, most of us have heard about foraging for your own food.

February 17, 2015Seaweed 101

Jennifer’s popular seaweed harvesting class now available on video.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to nutrition but there are no shortage of opinions...


Standalone Classes

January 29, 2015Beauty from Your Kitchen

Tired of spending money on expensive face and body products filled with chemicals that don’t work?

January 29, 2015How to get my child to eat

Want your kids to eat healthy foods? Tired of the power struggles?

Comparing calories in with calories out is an oversimplified view of an infinitely complex equation.