A safe place for teens to redefine beauty and self

These jeans make me look fat. I’m too skinny. I’d be happy if I were taller, shorter, had longer legs or just looked exactly like so and so.

For too many teens the above statements sound very familiar. It’s hard being a young woman today, surrounded by culture’s impossible standards. Standing strong in the face of this constant bombardment is challenging. How we feel about ourselves inside and out can take a beating.

This is where Love Your Body comes in. Designed for teens, our group sessions are fun, interactive (very conversational) and informative. Our goal is to provide young women with the nutritional and emotional tools they need to build confidence and feel empowered. Each week we’ll cover a different topic that relates to health, body and self. Sample topics include:

  • Stress management for finals & the holidays.
  • To carb or not to carb? Does eating fat make you fat? Strengthen metabolism with nutrition.
  • How to counteract society’s negative messages on beauty and health.
  • Experience how belly dancing, yoga and even henna can boost confidence.

When: 13 weeks starting Sep. 13th (rolling admission is possible) until Dec. 6th
Where: Collaborative Family Therapy, 9431 Coppertop Loop, Suite B, Bainbridge Is.
Cost: $50/session or $550 for all 13 weeks if paid in advance.
Contact: Jennifer Adler to register, jennifer@passionatenutrition.com

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