Come and learn about how to prepare simple yet delicious foods that not only taste great but are part of a lifestyle of cancer prevention and strengthening your body’s natural ability to resist cancer. Choosing nutritious foods is a powerful tool in reducing your risk of cancers. This class is intended for people of all ages, with or without a history of cancer.

This class is based on the book “Anticancer” by Dr. David Servan Schreiber, a two time brain cancer survivor who researched ways to augment traditional treatment by enhancing your body’s natural cancer fighting abilities. His recommendations include the benefits of a healthy diet, reducing exposure to environmental toxins, physical activity and stress management.

Classes are presented by Survivorship Partners & taught by Siona Sammartino.
Series includes:

  • Wk 1: Tasty and Nourishing legumes
  • Wk 2: Healing Whole Grains
  • Wk 3: Healthy Fats & Herbs/Spices to Soothe Inflammation
  • Wk 4: Nutrient-Dense Power Greens

Register now through Google Checkout (or call 206-414-9992) and payment will secure a spot in this class. Once registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email. If a class is cancelled for any reason, we will contact you by e-mail or telephone and issue a full refund.

Where: Whole Foods Roosevelt Square
When: Beginning October 18th for 4 Tuesdays; ending November 8th
Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Series: $140

Come join us!



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