Quench Thirst & Detox Naturally

Infusions are a quick and easy way to add delicious flavor and detoxifying ingredients to your water. These small additions can instantly transport you to a spa, prompt even more sipping throughout the day and they’ll bring a real boost to your cells. Here’s one of our favorite summer time sips!

Citrus Mint Water

8 cups water, can be still or sparkling
1 lemon, sliced (great for digestion & boosts the liver)
1 orange, sliced (adds delicious flavor & Vitamin C)
5 springs of mint, roughly 2 inches long (soothing for digestion & great breath freshener)
3 sprigs of rosemary, roughly 2 inches long (herbal liver detox)

Combine all ingredients and let chill for 2 + hours. I will often keep all of the ingredients in the water and then refill the pitcher once all the water has been drunk to get a second infusion from the same ingredients. The flavor will be more subtle.

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