Benefits of folate

Why folate is important … even if you aren’t pregnant!

Folate is well known for its role in childbearing. When a pregnant woman walks into my office, one of the first things I want to assess is her folate intake. It’s an extremely important B vitamin, essential for fetal development, most notably the production of the spinal cord and brain. But did you know that…

Health benefits of garlic

Embrace the health benefits of garlic

You can always find a bulb of garlic hanging out on my kitchen counter. In fact you would be hard-pressed to find any chef that didn’t have garlic as a mainstay in their kitchen. Used as a culinary herb in almost all traditions, garlic is as good for your body as it is on your…

Find out how to treat depression with Tumeric

Nutrition News: Turmeric for depression

I’m a huge fan of using spices in my food. Not only do they add amazing flavor, but those tiny specs of seasoning in our food are full of nutrients. Research is proving more and more the amazing health benefits of everyday spices. A recent study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders examined the…


Benefits of eating locally sourced foods

Did you know that after a food is harvested its nutrient value immediately begins to deplete? That’s just one of the reasons why eating locally sourced food is so important. Here in the Pacific Northwest we have an abundance of fruits and vegetables that grow seasonally and are available at local farmers markets. Some may…


Health benefits of cherries

One of my favorite things about summer is that it also happens to be cherry season. These small, deep red colored fruit are not only delicious as a snack but they are unbelievably packed with nutrition. Health benefits of cherries The dark red color of the cherry isn’t just there for beauty – it is…


Our 1st TV Ad!

We had so much fun creating our first tv ad, and can’t wait to share our PN services with a wider audience. Stay tuned for more to come! The PN Team


Get Infused!

Quench Thirst & Detox Naturally Infusions are a quick and easy way to add delicious flavor and detoxifying ingredients to your water. These small additions can instantly transport you to a spa, prompt even more sipping throughout the day and they’ll bring a real boost to your cells. Here’s one of our favorite summer time…


Nettle Soufflé

Incorporate this miracle food into your diet today! One of the many things I love about nettle is its energetics. Nettle is all about waking up! It will sting you if you handle it incorrectly, but it’s also the perfect food to move us out of hibernation and into spring. I consider it a miracle…


Say Buh-Bye to Your Scale

Start measuring your health on a cellular level Ever wonder about what’s really going on inside your body? As nutritionists, we work to answer that question for our clients on a daily basis — and we don’t look to scales to give us the answer. Instead, we use a powerful tool that offers us a…


Passionate Nutrition Radio on 1150 AM KKNW

Tune in for a weekly serving of nutrition wisdom every week!  Want to boost your metabolism and energy using food? Ready to discover beauty foods that really, truly work? We’ve launched our new radio show to be your go-to source for all things nutrition. Food is our most powerful medicine and Passionate Nutrition Radio is packed with useful…

Natural beauty

Keep Glowing

Embrace autumn with these two power foods — Essential Fatty Acids + Water Our body is made up of what we eat and one of the quickest ways to bring more shine to your hair and vibrance to your skin is with delicious food — specifically essential fatty acids (EFA’s). While EFA’s won’t solve every…


Crock Pot Love

Make delicious home-cooked meals, stop snacking and give yourself the gift of time. For many of us, evening time (right after work) can be prime snacking time. We’re tired, we’re hungry and it’s so easy to reach for those snacks that we may regret later. Having dinner ready and waiting when you get home is…


Save Summer’s Sweetness all Winter Long

For those of you dedicated to eating more sustainably, storing food is the key to local eating during winter months. It’s also an easy and economical way to bring more delicious flavor and nutrient-rich foods into your diet. Here are a handful of storing options to help you bring this year’s harvest into your cupboards….


Seaweed 101 on Seattle Kitchen

I sat down with Seattle Kitchen’s Katie O. to talk seaweed harvesting, cooking techniques and how-to’s for making your next batch of brownies extra delicious and nutritious with seaweed. They taste much better than they sound! (Seaweed Interview starts at 19:50)   


Get Your Glow On!

Exfoliate & Hydrate with Our DIY Seaweed Scrub  Packed with lipids, proteins, minerals and vitamins, seaweed deeply moisturizes and penetrates skin, hair and nails like no other. Whether you suffer from dry skin, rosacea, acne or just want to give your skin a dazzling glow, seaweed can help from the inside out, and the outside…