Ever wonder about what’s really going on inside your body? As nutritionists, we work to answer that question for our clients on a daily basis — and we don’t look to scales to give us the answer. Instead, we use a powerful tool that offers us a snapshot of your overall health on a cellular level. It’s called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), and it’s revolutionized how we work with clients. With BIA, we’re able to measure your Complete Body Composition, and determine everything from how well your body absorbs nutrients to how many calories you burn during a 24-hour period. Once we get your BIA results we design a personalized dietary plan that is tailored to your own specific needs, and we track the changes and improvements that you make over time.

Whether you’re interested in weight loss, boosting your energy or just curious about what is really going on inside your body, BIA can give you a detailed look at your current state of health, and provide us with the information necessary to help you achieve your goals.

BIA Testing is available at all PN locations, except the following: Fremont, North Bend and Shoreline

Know Your Numbers – The BIA Measurements Include:

Body Mass (fat free) and Fat Mass: Total amount of non-fat or lean parts of the body (muscles, bones, organs, and water) and total amount of stored fat. These numbers are measured in both pounds and percentages, and provide information about metabolic risk.

Cell Membrane Health: This number tells you how effectively your membranes are functioning and measures the actual health of your cells.

Intra & Extracellular Water: Water inside & outside the cells. This number is a marker of inflammation.

Basal Metabolic Rate: The number of calories metabolized at rest during a 24-hour period. This number, interpreted alongside your activity level, can be used to determine what is an appropriate amount of food for YOUR body.

What do I need to do to prepare for my BIA?

  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours prior to the test.
  • Avoid exercise, caffeine, and all food within 4 hours of taking the test.
  • Drink 2-4 glasses of water 2 hours before your test.
  • Wear socks that are easy to take off!

Hop Off the Scale

BIA is much more sophisticated than your bathroom scale, but just as painless. BIA is a simple procedure that can be performed right in our office in a matter of minutes. Sensor pad electrodes are placed on your right hand and foot, and a small electrical current is applied. The BIA interprets the way the electricity passes through your body, and uses the information to calculate your tissue and fluid compartments. This information allows us to individualize a diet and lifestyle plan for you, and monitor its effectiveness over time.

What will we do with my BIA Test Results?

With your BIA results, we can assess your current state of health, and provide preventative and nutrition care earlier. BIA enables us to detect an improper balance in your body composition before you develop more serious health conditions, and let’s us know when your health is back on track.

We look forward to introducing you to this incredible new tool, and creating a personalized dietary plan for you soon.